Trees are an essential piece of any residential piece of land. They are crucial in many ways more than one, for both the effects they provide for the environment and for the aesthetically pleasing visuals they offer. Whether you prefer oak, pine, or spruce trees, there are many benefits of tree planting around your property.

Wide Range of Species and Visually pleasing

Since there are so many different kinds of trees available to plant and grow, there is a variety of trees for homeowners to consider. This allows for endless possibilities of astounding combinations of colorful trees in one’s front lawn or backyard. Many tree species offer striking autumnal foliage in shades of fiery oranges, deep reds, golden yellows, and firm greens. What’s a better feeling then landscaping with a range of colorful trees to spruce up your property’s appearance? Tree planting

Nature’s Privacy

Another good reason to consider tree planting is for the form of privacy it can provide to you and your property. Picking out the appropriate species of trees for your property can provide you with an outstanding kind of privacy and noise buffer. This is great if you have noisy neighbors and would love to relax a bit outside. Some of the ideal tree species for seclusion would be larger species, such as the fern pine, oak tree, or Japanese loquat.

Environmentally Friendly for All

Tree planting isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for the planet. Other than increasing biodiversity, trees play a huge role in many ecological functions. This includes photosynthesis, aka when trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere speeds up the process of climate change, so the more trees, the better. Trees also help ease the effects of an urban heat island. In urban areas with a high proportion of paved areas and buildings, warmer temperatures tend to be made even more extreme in the absence of trees. Trees help these environments by making them less prone to higher temperatures. So if you decide to plant some trees, you’re helping out the planet, what’s not to like?

Long-term Value

Tree planting is another excellent long-term term investment if you ever want to move out. Why you may ask? Well, trees add an economical advantage towards homeowners and real estate buyers. Trees increase property value due to people appreciating the shade, air quality improvements, and overall personality that fully-grown trees give to a property.