Arborists and other tree care professionals are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture at a number of levels. This organization trains and certifies professionals in order to carefully and expertly grow, care for, and research trees for many different purposes. You are probably familiar with landscaping professionals, but may find yourself wondering what makes arborists different, and whether you need one to maintain your property. Here’s some helpful info on arborists and why you might need one.

What is an Arborist?

Arborists can be educated at many different levels. Some arborists will have higher degrees for particular tree research purposes, and others will have less (or no) formal education outside of their ISA certifications. Either way, arborists are tree professionals that you will trust with health and safety on your property, so it’s important to examine their qualifications, experience, and references carefully. Arborists provide crucial tree services that not only benefit your property, but in many cases, keep your family safe from large and high-risk trees. Regardless of your landscaping needs, it’s important to find a reputable arborist for tree service you can trust.

Tree Roots

Soil doesn’t always have enough organic matter in it to help promote tree growth. This becomes especially problematic because plant roots need oxygen to survive. Excessive rain can fill up those pore spaces within your soil and this leads to tree roots suffocating and dying. Once those roots begin to suffer, it prevents trees from getting water whatsoever. Believe it or not, too much rain can be just about as bad as a severe drought.

Planting Trees

One great way to add beauty to your property is by planting trees. Trees add shade and beauty to your property, which can allow you to enjoy your landscaping and outdoor spaces more. Arborists can help you plant and maintain beautiful, healthy trees that will add beauty and value to your property for years to come. Healthy, well-maintained trees can even benefit the health of your landscaping by helping to prevent soil erosion over time through deep and strong tree roots. When it comes to planning your landscaping, a reliable arborist can help you find the perfect balance of plantings to suit your needs.

Assessing Risk

Arborists are also important for assessing and maintaining high-risk trees on your property. This is especially true for large trees close to buildings and outdoor living spaces. Falling tree limbs can be dangerous, potentially causing injury to family or guests, or costly damage to your home. Finding an arborist you can trust is key to preventing injuries and damage, as well as making sure your landscaping is healthy and well-maintained. It’s also a good idea to find an arborist with excellent communication skills who can help you better understand the needs of your trees and property.